The best thing about having a teacher-student relationship with a true Master Teacher is that conversations can go deeper into history. History that might otherwise stay buried can be revealed, but only if you ask and offer to help share it. To get the facts, the truth, and nothing but the raw truth, you need to go directly to the source. In Blossom's case, the details, history, artifacts, equipment and tools, some still wrapped in newspaper, as Kathy S. Grant, left it to her, are easily accessible in a small space in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. Last fall Blossom embraced my offer to document these golden nuggets for her blog. We spent two hours together and in that time created nine short videos starting with the foundation and alignment on the reformer with Footwork. We ended with one of Kathy’s signature mat moves, Fan Kicks, which were actually taught on a narrow box mat (clearly making the work even harder). I am thankful and honored to have captured the stories of these two powerful women.

- Gina Jackson

Equipment and Legacy Videos

1. Wrapped Tennis Can

2. Footwork Board

3. Flat Footbar

4: Iron Shoes

5. Handle Bars

6. Weighted Bars


Gina Jackson of Pilates4Fitness is a classically-trained Pilates Teacher and has been teaching along the Gold Coast of Hudson and Bergen County, NJ for the past fifteen plus years.